About CCAT

The Central Coast Conservation Action Tracker (CCAT) website is a new web-based tool for entering and reviewing information related to conservation projects on the Central Coast. The purpose of this website is to assist project managers, conservation organizations, and the general public to track and share information about conservation projects on the Central Coast. CCAT is designed to include photos, maps, project descriptions and will aid in generating reports on conservation projects.

The website was designed and built through a partnership of Central Coast Resource Conservation Districts (RCDs) and the Greater Monterey County Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP). However, it is designed to be a useful tool for a much wider variety of organizations and funders than just RCD and IRWM projects.

The interactive CCAT map allows users to reference projects by using keywords. Projects can be tracked by watershed, county, Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary watersheds, or the entire Central Coast. The viewing audience for projects is determined by the organization entering the data, and can be constrained to that organization, CCAT partners or the general public. Organizations can add data to CCAT once they have been assigned a user name and password. Through time the site will provide insight into the rich array of conservation projects undertaken by diverse groups on the Central Coast.

How will REGIONAL project data tracking be useful? It will:
• Aid in strategic planning and adaptive management
• Assist with reporting and accountability
• Disseminate information never before available
• Promote programs and successful practices

For more information contact Sierra Ryan at sryan@mlml.calstate.edu or Pam Krone-Davis at pam.krone-davis@noaa.gov.